Life is better with a Longone


Back in 2014, while my children rode their bikes with training wheels, I followed on a 28” skateboard at speeds that I thought were incredible. Once they shed their training wheels I could no longer keep up with them. Growing up in the construction industry I began to think on a faster and bigger scale. I removed the trucks and wheels from my skateboard and attached them to a 2x8 piece of lumber and took off. As I went down the driveway and peeled into the street I had a feeling that I was onto something. Fast freedom sailing is what popped into my head! After 3 years of product development, prototypes, endless changes and several hard crashes, I nailed it! DLater LongOnes was created.

Its handmade from carefully selected cypress planks and beams. They are 7.5’ long x 10” wide x 1” thick. They are equipped with waterproof LED lights on the undercarriage, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack. It also has headlights and taillights, thus making you highly visible and safe while riding at night. It’s super-fast, steady, easily controlled and a load of fun!

It’s not a skateboard, a paddle board or some other form of landsurfing. It’s a LongOne and life is better with a LongOne!

What is our mission? At DLater LongOnes we strive to create an organic lifestyle of free-flowing positive energy. Riding and carving on a LongOne will give you a feeling of freedom from complexity. There’s nothing else quite like it. We want to spread love and energy to a community by giving back and helping others. De-stress, chill out, get on a LongOne and fly….Have fun with life…If it feels good, ride it!

It’s not a skateboard, a paddle board or some other form of landsurfing. It’s a LongOne. And life's better with a LongOne!

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